written by Wanda

Jennifer Nicole Lee Shows Off Her Stunning Bikini Body.

I like Jennifer Nicole Lee, mostly because I find her story so inspirational. For those that don’t know, Jennifer wasn’t happy with her body after she had her children and instead of allowing herself to be depressed about it, she decided to instead to something to change it. She started working out, eating healthy food and she’s now one of the biggest fitness gurus in the country. Pretty impressive. With that said, I sometimes have a hard time remembering how much I like her thanks to her penchant for wearing next to nothing when doing every day things like going for groceries or getting the mail. It always seems a little too over the line for me. Pictures like these ones are just fine with me. There is a time and a place for everything and showing this much skin makes sense by the pool. I love these pictures. Jennifer looks absolutely fantastic in them. Always nice to get a post about Jennifer that allows me to talk about how much I like her instead of criticize her fashion choices.


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  • great ass her body is fantastic, very fit indeed she is

  • awesome looker and her body pow, she should always wear a bikini