written by Wanda

Jenny McCarthy Checks Herself Out In Playboy.

Okay Jenny McCarthy is hot and I’ll get to that but first, holy cow! Is that Brian from “Hell’s Kitchen” and is he wearing a black “executive chef” jacket? I was pretty sure he got kicked out of “Hell’s Kitchen” but they did just bring back a past contestant on “Masterchef”. “Hell’s Kitchen” spoiler? Probably not as these photos were taken in Chicago and the winner got the executive chef spot at Gordon Ramsay Steak in Vegas. I don’t care either way. I freaking love Brian. He was by far my favorite contestant this season and I wanted to see him win so badly. Clearly he’s not doing to badly for himself if he didn’t. “What does this taste like?” “Fish?” Classic. I thought Ramsay’s head was going to explode. Poor Brian. Seriously though, how could would it be if Jenny and Brian hooked up? Awesome, I say. Jenny is a bit crazy, sure, but she’s also super hot. See? I said I’d get to it.



  • cheeky girl, how vein checking herself out lol, tho if i were that hot i probably would have super confidence in my appearance too most very good looking people have an arrogance about them so its fine.

    I noticed her on Two and a half men and thought she was super hot she has huge boobs, her cleavage on that show was awesome, her ass, her whole body is epic.

    A sexy women

  • what a vain self obsessed confident vibrant women she is lol, i love it i uess, i love her sexy body anyway

  • she is sexy but boy does she know it, you can tell she is looking at the magazine thinking god I look so great naked she loves showing her body off, she is pretty , has some great legs and a huge rack on her.