written by Wanda

Jenny McCarthy Hits The Beaches Of Malibu

I’ve always been a big Jenny McCarthy fan. I don’t like her acting or her movies but I love her personality. She’s one of those super hot babes that can hang with the boys and fit in perfectly. That takes a special kind of girl and Jenny is definitely it. She gets a bit of a hard time in Hollywood for being a little less than ladylike and some people like to call her crazy, but she’s the good, fun kind of crazy and I love that about her. Here in Malibu, Jenny shows off her still buff body and looks to be having a great time while she does it. I’m not sure who the guy is although I feel like I probably should. It’s hard to say with Jenny, though. She doesn’t seem like the type of girl who gets all hung up on settling down and getting married. She’s a sexy girl enjoying her life and that’s pretty alluring. I love this woman – crazy or not.

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