written by Wanda

Jenny McCarthy Is Just Crazy Hot

I have been seeing Jenny McCarthy around for years and years now and it seems like she hasn’t aged at all. Maybe she has had a little help from a plastic surgeon but in all honesty, I think her youthful appearance can be attributed, at least in part, to her youthful attitude. Jenny has always struck me as the type of girl that just loves having fun. She’s free spirited, speaks her mind and doesn’t care about being prim and proper all the time. I respect that and I find that appealing. Jenny just is who she is. She always has been and she has never apologized for that. Is she a bit trashy? Sure, but she completely owns it. Love this woman and I love these pictures.


  • Jim Carrey did ruin her tho.

  • Jim didn’t ruin her. you just can’t wear those things out