written by Wanda

Jenny McCarthy Looks Stunning In Her Bikini As Usual.

Remember when Jenny McCarthy was dating Jim Carey? Wasn’t that weird? I guess nothing is ever quite what one would expect with Jenny McCarthy. She is a master at keeping people on their toes. The only thing you ever know for sure with Jenny is that no matter where she goes, no matter what she does and no matter who she’s with, she’ll always look fantastic. In these photos, taken in Chicago, Jenny looks smoking hot as she poses poolside in a bikini. With some women, just looking hot all the time gets a little boring, but Jenny keeps things interesting. It’s not so much how she looks but how she acts, how she carries herself and the things she says. I love this woman. She’s always entertaining even if that doesn’t always come across in pictures.


  • Total hotness. Love the way the suit fits her, looks awesome. She is one hottie for sure. Her body is tight and fit and she knows how to work the camera. And I can not believe she dated Jim Carey, she is way to good looking for him.

  • she is fuckin hot, always looks stunning, you people taking abut jim carrey wtf, makes you sound all shallow like most of the world, get a grip, jim carrey is a pretty good looking guy who cares if she dated him

  • I love Jenny McCarthy. She is a gorgeous person and I would love to have her body. And the suit is amazing. I wish I looked like her. She is true perfection in my mind.

  • Looking good Jenny. Still looks as good as she did on her days on Singled Out. Remember that show? I had a crush on her then and I still do now.