written by Wanda

Jenny McCarthy Still Looks Sexy In A Bikini.

A few short hours ago, I posted photos of Shauna Sand and was maybe a little harsh on her for all the plastic surgery she’s had. I know to some it may seem hypocritical to not do the same to Jenny McCarthy as she’s had a bit of work done as well, but here’s the different to me. Jenny still basically looks like herself. She hasn’t morphed into a completely different looking person. I think she’s used cosmetic surgery to enhance and maintain what she was naturally blessed with. Shauna Sand … has not. I don’t even think it’s possible to compare the two. I’m not against plastic surgery. If I had the money, I would probably have a thing or two done but I think it needs to be done right and not used to try to make a person into someone else. For that reason, I’m fine with whatever work Jenny’s had done. She’s a babe – strong, confident and a little crazy – and she still looks unbelievably good in a bikini.


  • Perfectly Hot

  • Jenny is smoking hot. I love her body. She is getting older but you would never really know it at all. Holy cow, I remember her when I was 16 and watching her on MTV. She is still the babe that she was then.

  • She definatly shouldnt have had plastic surgery, I do not find her attractive anymore, she definatly should have avoided the knife!!!! Yuck

  • Does anyone else think that she looks like a Barbie doll? I mean with the suit colors and her smile and hair. Do you see it? She looks great though. I love Jenny.

  • Quin I do agree that this suit looks like a barbie suit. But Jenny is so darn good looking she could wear a sheet and she would great praise. She is the total package. She can act, has a great body, and a glowing personality.