written by Wanda

Jenny McCarthy Struts Her Stuff In Her Halloween Costume.

Again, slutty costumes and Halloween go hand in hand. Halloween is the one time a year when ‘slutty’ isn’t an insult and I mean that with complete sincerity. I dressed up as one of Dexter Morgan’s victims for Halloween a few years back and was the first to admit that was a slutty costume (saran wrap over a bikini and nothing else but a red mark on my cheek) so don’t misunderstand me. When I refer to Jenny McCarthy’s slutty Halloween costume, it’s not a shot at her. It’s just a fact. She’s wearing lingerie and little else. Slutty. Also, entirely acceptable on Halloween. I love these photos of Jenny in Vegas and I love her costume. While I think the slutty cat thing is a bit overdone, there are some women who can pull it off and Jenny is definitely one of those women. The leopard print lingerie was a great touch.


  • she loves showing her body off tho she has a great body so why not she seems like a tease, she loves the attention, saw her yesterday watching an old episode of two and a half men had to check her out more she has some huge bangers on her

  • Wow she looks hot here. The outfit is very over the top but so is Jenny so it fits her well. I guess I do not mind the slutty costumes one bit. I feel if a gal is comfortable in wearing this then more power to her. You go Jenny.

  • she seems so slutty, love it

  • Jenny is hot here. I do not care if others call her slutty in this. It is nice to see a gorgeous lady get all dressed up like this for Halloween. Halloween should be more than once a year if ladies are going to dress like this.