written by Ann

Jesica Cirio’s Ample Ass Models Lingerie

Jessica Cirio looks so sexy in her sashay down the catwalk modeling lingerie. She has a hot butt and that panty might be too tightly wedged for comfort. Jessica is an Argentina model and dancer. She participated in the Argentine versions of Dancing With The Stars and Dancing On Ice. That is how she exercises to get those hot, hot ass muscles. Jessica lives in Buenos Aires and she’s a popular host of “Kubik.” If you have cable TV, you might get that channel in La Plata’s America 2.

Jesica Cirio

Jesica Cirio Catwalk Jesica Cirio Dancing With The Stars Jesica Cirio 3.jpg Jesica Cirio 4.jpg Jesica Cirio 5.jpg Jesica Cirio 6.jpg Jesica Cirio 7.jpg Jesica Cirio 8.jpg Jesica Cirio 9.jpg


  • Where the hell she came from.. she is surprisingly hoooot!

  • Lingerie nuisette dentelle

  • Those are buns from HEAVEN!


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