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Jessica Alba And Her Family Vacation In St. Barths

For reasons I will probably never really understand, there are a lot of people out there who don’t like Jessica Alba. I must confess, there are things about her I don’t like but it’s usually something relating to a statement she’s made I don’t personally agree with. I hardly think that counts as a strike against her. People disagree all the time. I still respect Jessica’s willingness to speak about the things she believes in, even though it sometimes gets her in trouble. That takes guts. Of course, I also really enjoy the fact that Jessica is smoking hot. I’d have to say she’s one of the most attractive actresses of her generation but again, there are folks out there who disagree. Let’s put all that aside for a moment and talk about these specific photos. ┬áHere we see Jessica with her husband Cash Warren and their kids in St. Barths and I have to say, I’m really liking the photos. Jessica always looks like she’s at her happiest when she’s with her family. Great photos of a beautiful family.

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