written by Wanda

Jessica Alba Has A Family Day In Italy.

Jessica Alba is such a beautiful woman. When I think about the most beautiful actresses, models and musicians currently working in the entertainment industry, Jessica Alba is pretty darn close to the top of my list. I like the fact that she doesn’t seem entirely comfortable with her position in the spotlight. That tells me she doesn’t have a typical Hollywood ego. Of course, I could be wrong about that but that’s how Jessica’s attitude comes across to me. She has been accused of being a little less than warm and friendly with photographers but I think that’s her right. Here in Italy, she spends a little time with her beautiful children playing in the water. I love these pictures because, for once, Jessica doesn’t seem fixated on getting away from the cameras. Instead she is ignoring them and enjoying her time with her kids. That really warms my heart. Plus, ya know, Jessica Alba in a bikini. Pretty hard to go wrong there.

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