written by Wanda

Jessica Alba Is A Babe. Also, The Sky Is Blue.

Sometimes I have a hard time writing about women like Jessica Alba because really, how many different ways can I say Jessica Alba is a smoking hot babe? That doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely adore her, of course because I definitely do. It just means I can’t really write anything about her that isn’t just really stating the obvious. Here at the Versace Haute Couture fashion show in Paris, Jessica is just as gorgeous as one expects her to be. I love her eyes. I love her hair. I love her body. I just love her in general. I don’t always agree with some of the things she says but I always respect the fact that she speaks her mind. While I’m not the biggest fan of Jessica’s acting, as a celebrity, I really enjoy her and for me, that counts for a lot. She was fantastic in “Machete” though, wasn’t she?

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