written by Wanda

Jessica Alba Makes Casual Look Incredible

Remember when Jessica Alba used to parade around the beach in tiny bikinis and make men around the world drool? As it turns out, Jessica has the exact same effect on men even when she’s fully clothed with her hair tied back. Sure she might look a little tired with little or no makeup, but considering she’s now a mother, that’s really no surprise. What is a surprise is that this smokin’ hot mom can step out of the house looking like she just rolled out of bed and still be a jaw-dropper. Is there a look this woman can’t pull off? I sincerely doubt it. As long as she has that ass, she’ll be a stunner.

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica AlbaJessica Alba Jessica Alba Jessica Alba


  • Woopsy!

  • Jessica Alba’s gorgeous – with or without makeup. And she ain’t afraid to come out without makeup or wearing the most glamorous of clothing either. One of the things I like about her. I think seeing her like that is more inspirational.

  • Well that is what happens when you have kids. You are tired and just do not care how you look. But she still looks decent. I guess that she is a mother first to her child and that is all that matters.