written by Ann

Jessica Alba’s Sexy, White Bikini

Jessica Alba, Cash Warren, Honor and their friends were in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Jessica Alba looks sexy in her white bikini. Alba has lost all of her pregnancy weight and regained her sensational curves. It has been barely a few months since she gave birth to her daughter Honor Marie and her figure has bounced back. Alba revealed she would like to have more children and adopt some too. Alba said her husband Cash shared her desires to raise a big family of kids.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba in Cabo Jessica Alba no more pregnant Jessica Alba 3.jpg Jessica Alba 4.jpg Jessica Alba 5.jpg Jessica Alba 6.jpg Jessica Alba 7.jpg sexy Jessica Alba Jessica Alba 9.jpg Jessica Alba 10.jpg Jessica Alba 11.jpg Jessica Alba with Honor Marie Jessica Alba in Cabo San Lucas Jessica Alba wearing bikini Jessica Alba by the pool


  • Haha, wondering why is she (baby) crying all the time lol xD

  • I like her body very much(she looks good for a woman that just gave birth to a child)…but not her face…she’s so common…:(

  • The most over-rated Hollywood starlet of all times. What curves? Or rather what curves worthy of being mentioned as ‘curves?’

  • I agree, i think she is overrated, but half the time she is talking herself up more than other people. But regardless she does look super hot in all these pics. After the baby she has such nice boobs and butt, giving birth has been good for her!

  • Jessica Alba hasn’t got much charisma. She’s kind of like top shelf liquor: it looks real good, you hear that it’s the best. But you can get the same result from the hooch on the lower shelves. Though the bragging rights that go along with having tasted the top shelf stuff is just too good to ignore! The way she looks in that bikini, I’d tear s#!t up!