written by Wanda

Gorgeous Jessica Alba Candid Shots

Here’s the thing about ‘running errands’ photos: they have to be especially good photos or they feel a little boring to me. Here’s the thing about Jessica Alba ‘running errands’ photos: they’re always especially good so they’re very rarely boring to me. In these photos, we see Jessica out in Santa Monica and she just looks so pretty. I love the hair. I love the outfit. I want that freaking jacket so bad I could spit. She always looks her best, even when it doesn’t really look like she’s trying. She hasn’t done anything especially involved with her hair and if she’s wearing makeup, she’s wearing very little of it, yet she still looks fantastic. I adore Jessica. She just has that casual, natural hotness going on and I find that appealing in a big way. Another great set of photos of this beautiful woman.

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