written by Wanda

Jessica Biel Flaunts Her Crazy Hot Body

Jessica Biel is, in my humble opinion, one of the sexiest women on the face of the planet. Even women can’t help staring when she hits the beach. She’s in fantastic shape – not stick thin but firm, toned and athletic – and obviously works hard to stay that way. Why not show off the results of that hard work on a little beach vacation? My only question is where’s Justin Timberlake? Jessica and Justin have been together for ages although recent rumors have the couple on the outs thanks to Justin’s possible flirtations with Olivia Munn. Alright, Munn is hot and all and looks like she’d be a lot of fun, but come on. Jessica Biel? If that’s true, Justin, you’re a very foolish boy.

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  • Oh and my comment on this inirvetew is that you both fielded the questions well, but she needs to work on her questions. I know it is tough but I have to be honest. Great event, would like to know of more that you go to. The best article I have seen was one on line at ESPN.com that one was done right, May 31,2005 by John Clayton. Glad to see you were on today, I am going to follow how your season predictions do