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Jessica Biel Promotes “Easy Virtue”

Jessica Biel was in Italy to promote her new movie, “Easy Virtue.” Biel has made some controversial statements regarding her desires in life. Biel claimed she was not ready for marriage and kids. However, Biel has been rumoured to be in a tight romance with Justin Timberlake. Jessica has also discussed about her fears of plastic surgery. Presently, Biel would settle for wrinkles rather than go under the knife for cosmetic surgery.

Jessica Biel

Easy Virtue Jessica Biel with Justin Timberlake Jessica Biel on red carpert Jessica Biel is all shining promote her new movie HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_7.jpg HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_8.jpg HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_9.jpg HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_10.jpg HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_11.jpg Jessica Biel back HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_13.jpg HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_14.jpg Jessica Biel signs up Jessica Biel loves fans Jessica Biel with friends HQ-Celebrity.com_Jessica-Biel_18.jpg

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