written by Wanda

Jessica Biel Usually Looks Stunning But …

I’m just not sure what Jessica Biel was thinking when she slipped into this little number for the “Total Recall” premiere in London but it had to be an attempt to get on someone’s worst dressed list. I mean, no publicity is bad publicity, right? I love Jessica Biel and am genuinely sad “Total Recall” flopped so hard at the box office. Jessica needs a hit and this clearly wasn’t it. The outfit she’s sporting in these photos is pretty far from a hit as well. There’s just so much going on with it. The leggings (?), the fluffy … uh, middle part, the lace top. Take out some of those elements, and this might have worked. Well, maybe not. This one is bad from top to bottom. At least her hair and makeup looked good.


  • OMG what the heck was she thinking? It is bad enough that her hair is all messed up, with those awful bangs. But the outfit takes the cake. She can not even walk in it. She looks terrible.

  • id bang her hard any day regardless, she is stunning