written by Wanda

Jessica Jane Clement Goes Roller Blading In New York.

I like these photos of Jessica Jane Celement roller blading in New York but I have to assume they were taken a while ago. Isn’t it starting to get a bit chilly in New York? I’m in Canada and I have to tell you, it’s getting pretty darn cold here. While I’d like to say looking at these photos of Jessica make me hot, it’s actually kind of making me cold. If these were taken recently, she must be freezing! She still looks fantastic though. She’s got an incredible body and I love the hair color. She also looks like she’s having a lot of fun and I appreciate that. I’m not doing backflips over the outfit but I can see why she chose it. It does look terrific on her. I would’ve preferred a longer shirt but then we wouldn’t see that belly and that belly is definitely a big part of what makes these photos so sexy.

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  • First off her hair is hot. I love the bright color of it. And those pants, wow. They are bright and sort of gaudy but they look great on her. She has a fantastic body here, and it looks like she is having fun.