written by Wanda

Jessica-Jane Clement Is A Stunning Vision In Red

Sometimes when I write a post about Jessica-Jane Clement, I get a little negative feedback in the comments section. Some seem to feel as if she isn’t natural looking enough. Others take issue with her tattoos. Others still think she looks just fine. I am of the opinion that Jessica-Jane Clement is a stunning woman. I love her smile. I love her eyes. Her body is ridiculous and yes, I adore the tattoos. I have always felt tattoos are sexy whether they’re on a woman or a man. I agree it can go a bit overboard and that oftentimes, less is more, but I don’t think Jessica’s tattoos are overboard at all. They’re feminine and don’t distract all that much from the glamorous look Jessica has going on here. All in all, I think she looks incredible. I’m sure there will be those who disagree but that’s the internet for ya.


  • she certainly loves the attention, she has a cracking figure, lovely cleavage on show, amazing rack and the glimpse of leg on show nice

  • awesome boobs