written by Wanda

Jessica Jane Clement Is Almost Too Hot.

I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I honestly can’t see how anyone can look at Jessica Jane Clement and not see an absolutely stunning creature that is about as close to flawless as a human being can be. Physically, at least. I don’t know her personally so she could be a raging bitch but that’s kind of beside the point. Breaking the old cliche and judging this book solely on its cover, I’d say Jessica is pretty close to perfect. Her body is unreal – curvy in all the right places but still fit and toned. Then, of course, there’s that face. I look at her and I see a work of art. Some of my favorite photos to date.

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  • She is fit and sexy I would love to have her in my bed so I can fuck her up the ass and make out with her right off for a wank