written by Wanda

Jessica Lowndes And Her Cleavage

I was going to call this one Jessica Lowndes nip slip because, well, that’s kind of what it looks like in that first picture, but upon closer inspection I realized that isn’t in fact what’s taking place. The girl’s poor boob is being skewered by the bodice of her dress. That just looks uncomfortable. She looks gorgeous, though. I guess that’s all that matters. With apologized to AnnaLynne and the other babes on 90210, I must admit Jessica is my favorite actress on the show – skewered boob aside. She has a lovely body, gorgeous eyes and a sexy sort of smile. I also really like her style. She might not always land on the best dressed lists, but I always like that she wears. I don’t know if she’ll have a career after 90210 but I definitely hope she does.


  • very sexy lady

  • jessica is hot, her friend is rather nice too