written by Wanda

Jessica Lowndes Blocks A Crotch Shot

Young celebrities of Hollywood – pay attention. Do you see this first picture of Jessica Lowndes? She’s getting out of a car in a short dress and she isn’t flashing her panties. See? It is possible! There is no longer an excuse. The second lesson from these pictures? Jessica isn’t showing her underwear and she’s still super sexy. Well, to be honest, I do think she’s a bit on the skinny side, but hey – she’s not the skinniest of the bunch on 90210 so I suppose I shouldn’t complain. In alol seriousness though, Jessica (shown here at the Esquire June Issue Launch Party – Sketch, London) looks pretty hot. I like the dress although the peek-a-boo bodice kind of bothers me. All the same, she looks good. I’d probably wear this dress if I looked half as good as her.


  • Blame the paps who take the pictures of the women in these positions, not the women themselves.

    Jessica is beautiful. I don’t know if dark is her natural hair colour, but I think it really suits her. Enhances her beauty all the more.

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