written by Wanda

Jessica Lowndes Suddenly Confuses Me

I recently wrote a post about a set of Jessica Lowndes photos from an Aston Martin event and while I thought her body looked incredible, there was something about the photos that didn’t sit right with me. These photos, snapped in London, are the opposite. Well, not the complete opposite as her body still looks incredible but that’s kind of obvious. When I say opposite, I mean everything about these photos works for me. I like the dark eye makeup. I like the hair. I love her smile. I adore the dress. I’m not sure what I was seeing in the other photos that made them feel a little off for me but whatever it was, it isn’t present in these photos. I’m usually a pretty big Jessica Lowndes fan as well. I guess maybe I was just having an off day. Happens to the best of us, I suppose.

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  • she is so fit, awesome legs