written by Wanda

Jessica Lowndes Upskirts On 90210 Set

I know Jessica Lowndes often gets overshadowed by “90210” costar AnnaLynne McCord but in all honesty, I find Jessica every bit as attractive as AnnaLynne, just in a different way. AnnaLynne is actually sort of typical when you look at Hollywood as a whole. She’s the blond sexpot – the bombshell. Jessica, on the other hand, is attractive in a far more unique way. She has an almost wholesome feel about her which is pretty impressive considering she’s flashing her panties as she’s filming “90210” in these pictures. She has a girl next door sort of vibe and I find that incredibly appealing. In this industry, blond bombshells are a dime a dozen, as gorgeous as AnnaLynne is, but girls like Jessica are a lot rarer. Side note – is rarer a word? It looks wrong to me. You get the point.

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