written by Wanda

Jessica Stroup Filming For 90210

You have to love when 90210 has a beach shoot. The show itself is pretty average so it’s awesome to get pictures of the sexy Jessica Stroup hitting the beach in a bikini without having to actually sit through the show. It’s a great arrangement. It’s really not that I think Jessica is a bad actress. The truth is, I haven’t really seen much of what she has to offer – aside from a pretty tight body. I tried to watch 90210 once. I will admit I liked the original. Then again, when the original was on the air I was a melodramatic tween that had a crush on Luke Perry. Regardless, what the show makes up for in, well, just about everything good, it makes up for in hot chicks and Jessica’s definitely one of the best.

Jessica Stroup Jessica Stroup Jessica StroupJessica Stroup

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