written by Wanda

Jessica Sutta In Ridiculous Hot Bikini

You might not know Jessica Sutta by name just yet, but she hopes to change that with her upcoming solo album, due to be released this summer. She rose to fame as part of The Pussycat Dolls and while other Dolls have tried to strike it out on their own, none have really found all that much success. Carmit Bachar – the first Doll to leave the group in search of a solo career – has yet to release her highly-anticipated solo album. Rumors are swirling that Jessica and Carmit will release their albums around the same time, putting them in direct competition. If you can only root for one former Pussycat, who would it be? Despite my love for Jessica and how ridiculous hot she looks in these pictures, I have to admit I’m team Carmit.


  • GREAT body. But like many of the PD’s, face like a drag queen…

    • Ya know what? I’ve noticed that too. I really thought it was my imagination. Or jealousy. Maybe both. Regardless, I find it hard to believe some of them were born women. I find Jessica looks the least like a man, but that’s not really saying a whole lot.

  • Justin Bieber is a homosexual.

    • Yeah… that’s not Justin Bieber. I’m not even sure I see a resemblance. Bieber’s boobs aren’t that big, I don’t believe. But hey – thanks for stopping by.

  • thx for jessica bro … nice ass

  • i wanna get on my knees and *** you wanda xxx