written by Wanda

Jessie J Shows Off Her Booty In Tight Pants

I’m just gonna say it – I think Jessie J looks great with the short blond hair. When I first heard she went short and blond I wasn’t sure it was going to work but I was wrong. It looks good on her. Know what else looks good? Jessie J’s booty in tight pants, as we see here at BBC Radio 2 in London. I think this is a pretty killer outfit overall – a far cry from the outrageous get ups we used to see her in. The sheer shirt is sexy without being trashy and I love the bold colored pants. Great pics overall. I’m not the biggest Jessie J fan in the world but I think she’s alright and I’m starting to like her fashion choices more and more each time we get to see her.

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  • nice ass, I find her very attractive