written by irene

Jewel The Bombshell

I guess having a sexier image is really working for singer Jewel. This “You Were Meant For Me” singer has really turned into a bombshell now. She’s prettier, more confident with herself and has that come-hither look. Jewel, who’s also known for her talent in yodeling, recently got hitched to Ty Murray, her boyfriend of 10 years. I guess this sexier image of her doesn’t bother Ty. What do you think of this Grammy Award winning singer’s new image?


Jewel 1.jpg You Were Meant For Me Jewel, photoshoot bombshell Jewel in green Jewel is close to the piano Jewel shows goodies Jewel 8.jpg Jewel 9.jpg Jewel 10.jpg


  • absolutely works for me – so long as she fixes that damn snaggle tooth of hers

  • She is hot!!!!!

  • Jewel has always had amazing tits…nice to see her showing them off more.


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  • patricia sherratt { who the mystery man ? }
  • David { Most likely stinky. }
  • David { Kelly has had my loins boiling for many years. Hot, Hot, ... }
  • { working that body }
  • { spell check recently? }
  • { awesome awesome miley!!! }
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