written by Ann

Jim Carrey Wears Jenny McCarthy’s Swimsuit!

Jenny McCathy and her boyfriend, Jim Carrey, were enjoying themselves in Malibu. Jenny looked sexy in her black swimsuit that was entirely bareback. Jim Carrey loved her black swimsuit so much that he borrowed it and wore it on another occasion. He was an actor and comedian and he could not resist cracking a joke or two, even in his private moments away from official duties. He succeeded in getting into every celebrity website and newspaper.

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy is sexy swimsuit Jenny McCarthy in black black swimsuit Jenny McCarthy 5.jpg Jenny McCarthy 6.jpg Jenny McCarthy 7.jpg Jenny McCarthy 8.jpg Jenny McCarthy 9.jpg Jenny McCarthy 10.jpg Jenny McCarthy 11.jpg Jenny McCarthy 12.jpg Jenny McCarthy 13.jpg Jenny McCarthy 14.jpg Jim Carrey


  • Jim Carrey will never grow up :))

  • lol

  • good love

  • When they have sex together, it must be pretty funny :)

  • yes!!! go jim go !!! lol


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