written by Wanda

Joanna Krupa In Orange Bikini

Joanna Krupa is one of those girls that just isn’t capable of looking unattractive. What a curse that must be. Seriously. I have never seen a picture of this girl looking less that stunning. Of course, these pictures are no different. I have to admit though, in the first picture she kind of looks like Sheryl Crow – someone I don’t find attractive at all. Even so, it’s hard to pay attention to any similarity in their facial features considering how how Joanna’s body is. Although she’s skinnier than I usually like my women, she’s an athletic sort of skinny. It’s obvious she works out and that effort is paying off.

Joanna Krupa Joanna Krupa Joanna KrupaJoanna Krupa Joanna Krupa Joanna Krupa Joanna Krupa Joanna Krupa Joanna Krupa

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  • She looks amazing in that suit. The color is so pretty and it flatters her figure well. I do feel that she does look a bit like Sheryl Crow. But Sheryl is gorgeous as well. The beach looks pretty inviting as well.