written by Wanda

Joanna Krupa Nip Slip In Santa Monica

I don’t really know a whole lot about Joanna Krupa. I know she’s beautiful and talented but as far as her personal life goes, I’m fairly uneducated. For starters, I had no idea she had a sister, let alone that she had a beautiful sister until I saw these photos of Joanna and her sister Marta in Santa Monica. See? I’ve learned something today. I don’t like to compare women to one another, especially not sisters, but it’s hard not to do here. I think both women are absolutely beautiful though but I think I prefer Marta. Joanna has the better body but Marta has such a beautiful face, and that hair? Forget about it. Anyway, they’re both gorgeous and they seem close which is always nice to see. I love these photos. Oh yes, and there’s a little nip slip action in there. I’m sure you noticed though.


  • I guess I am not even sure who Joanna Krupa is. Seems to me like she is maybe an actress? Anyway that is pretty embarrassing about her top slipping off to reveal her nipple. Wonder how long she had it like that?

    • She’s a model/actress. I only really first heard of her when she was on Dancing with the Stars. As for the nip slip, I’m sad to say I’ve had it happen a time or two at the beach. It’s not hard to notice when it happens so I’m sure she tucked it back in pretty quickly.

  • opps bad for joanna krupa, as nip slip but i think its status only