written by Wanda

Joanna Krupa Posing In A Car.

I love Joanna Krupa. She’s talented and she’s very pretty but what’s the deal with all the car photos lately? Is she doing a car calendar? Does she have some sort of endorsement deal with a car company? I have a confession. I’m 30 and I’m just learning to drive. I will never own a car like the one Joanna is posing with her, but boy would I like to. Even better if I can get Joanna to ride around in it with me although, again, new to the whole driving thing. Perhaps it’s best to not have gorgeous women in the car with me. It’s hard enough for me to focus on where I’m going as it is.

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  • She is so pretty. But she does not looks like she is posed to have a calendar made after these photos. Some of the look very odd if you ask me. She looks great in them though.