written by Wanda

Joanna Krupa Pretty Much Topless In Beverly Hills.

Now, I know it’s tempting to call this look trashy what with the completely exposed nipples but I think there is a bigger story here than it would appear at first glance. Yes, Joanna Krupa is showing full breast in these photos (taken in Beverly Hills) but I honestly don’t think it was intentional. Call me naive if you will, but here’s what I think happened. While getting dressed, Joanna chose a new shirt she’s never worn in public before. In normal light, it looks perfectly acceptable but it’s a totally different story when the camera flash is involved. A shirt that appears to be a perfectly normal shirt while the cameras are off is suddenly entirely see through when the camera is on. How does this happen? I blame it on wizards but I’ve had it happen to me and not that long ago. Last New Year’s Eve, as a matter of fact. Left the house looking respectable, had to steal my husband’s blazer within an hour of arriving at the party because in the wrong long, I might as well have not been wearing a shirt. I’m going to give Joanna the benefit of the doubt on this one simply because I’ve been there.


  • nice nipples, she is so hot

  • Beautiful woman, nice rack, sexy shirt………
    No Crime, No Foul

  • Why would you wear that in public? It is not right. I could not imagine wearing it. I mean why even wear a shirt if you can see it all anyway. And if a child saw her? Huge mistake on her part.

    • I’m not sure if you read the post that went with the pictures, but I don’t think it was intentional – at least I hope it wasn’t. A few years back, Geena Davis wore what she thought was a perfectly acceptable dress to some award show only to learn after arriving that under certain light, it was entirely see through. I had the same thing happen to me last New Year’s Eve. I think that’s what happened here. If you look around the edges, it doesn’t seem as sheer. I could be reading too much into it thanks to my own traumatic experience (seriously, it was humiliating) but that’s how it looks to me and from what I know of Joanna, wearing a see through top out in public just doesn’t seem like her style.

  • I can see how this would happen. I would want someone to tell me though. It does not seem like it is Joanna’s style at all. But maybe she is tired of how she is and wants to spice it up. Hard telling. Either way she looks great.

  • I’d Lick it from the rooter to the tooter

    • That was so crass and crude yet it made me laugh. I’ve never heard that expression. Normally these type of comments make me roll my eyes but not this one. Tooter. Ha. Honestly made me laugh.

  • LOL it is almost like she is saying oh well in the first one. Man she is such a hottie I do not care what she is wearing or not wearing. FINE. That is what she is. The outfit looks great on here. Makes me begin to imagine.

  • Thanks for showing us your tits, Ms. Krupa! Are you related to Gene, the drummer?

  • no bra? at least she cares what fans say :P