written by Wanda

Joanna Krupa Washes A Ferrari In A Bikini

Time for a little honesty. I don’t get cars – never have, probably never will. I’m told this is a Ferrari and while I know the Ferrari by name, I don’t know what such a thing looks like so if this isn’t a Ferrari, don’t blame me. In my head, cars fall into two categories – truck and car. I look at these photos of Joanna Krupa in Miami and I see a hot chick watching a white car and I’mm so okay with that. Why? Because I feel like I know all the important parts. Joanna is hot, she’s soaking wet and she’s wearing a bikini. The rest is, in the words of the Borg, irrelevant.

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  • Wow she is smoking hot here. And so is the car. I love the fact that she is washing the car and then gets all hot with her man. That would be almost something out of a porno am I wrong?