written by Wanda

Jodie Marsh Is Going To Give Me Nightmares

Good heavens! I don’t… I can’t… my eyes! I used to kind of sort of almost like Jodie Marsh. She wasn’t my favorite as far as media personalities go but she was at least hot. I liked the edgy girl with the blond hair, the tattoos and the rock n’ roll attitude. I don’t know what these pictures are showing me. There is a fine line between athletic and frightening and let me tell you, Jodie has is so far across that line she can’t even see where it was anymore. Why would she do this to herself. It reminds me of those first pictures of super buff Carrot Top. Not sexy. Not impressive. Just plain frightening.


  • I need to admit she confuses me

  • id still fuck her

  • Hell yes I would! Still very hot

  • I admire the fact that Jodie Marsh is taking a different direction in her career. Apart from the body-building, isn’t she also exploring becoming a tattoo artist?

    Also, I think we have to look at those pics in context. In the world of competitive body-building, isn’t that what the women look like? In that context, I think she looks great and deserved the award she received.

    One last thing: I reckon her physique is being frowned upon (by some, not all) because her body is now a sign of strength, not submission.

  • fuck yeh shes built for speed ;-)

  • I find this disturbing. She would look good if she did not have so much muscle. And that tattoo by her who ha looks ridiculous. It is insane and gross at the same time. Get some class Jodie. Please for all of us.

  • classless

  • Looks like Schwarzeneggers nuts exploded

  • horrible, a women that muscly and with abs like that does not look right, id pass on this women

  • asdsad