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Jodie Marsh Is Out With The Girls

Tattooed beauty Jodie Marsh was out with her two “big girls” recently. Here she is at the “Three and Out” premiere looking like she was about to explode! You know what I mean. Makes you just want to rip off her dress and “let her girls out,” huh? Blonde Jodie also had a small, fancy hat on and very heavy make-up (especially around the eye area). Wonder who’s her stylist? Check out these photos of Jodie Marsh showing off her two “big girls” around! Click, click!

Jodie Marsh

Three and Out celebrity boobs Jodie Marsh 3.jpg eye makeup Jodie Marsh 5.jpg Jodie Marsh 6.jpg Jodie Marsh 7.jpg Jodie Marsh 8.jpg

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  • She has a couple of sexy boob…Is she single now?