written by Wanda

Jodie Marsh Isn’t Everyone’s Cup Of Tea But She’s Certainly Mine.

I love a woman with tattoos. I mean I really, really love a woman with tattoos. For that reason alone, Jodie Marsh is just ridiculously attractive to me. Add to that the fact that she has an incredible body and we’re really talking. I love the festive spirit of these pictures even though the holiday seasons usually annoys me more than fills me with joy. I know that Jodie sometimes looks a little rough and I haven’t love every photo set I’ve ever been assigned that features her but these pictures from Barbados work for me. If I would’ve seen these before Christmas, I might’ve been feeling a little more festive come Christmas day. Ah well, it’s not too late to enjoy them now. She’s still looking smoking hot in that bikini so that has to count for something.


  • horrible tattoos even tho she is nice

  • Half Hot. Tattoos make her look like a dirty coloring book.