written by Ann

Jodie Marsh & Nina Kissing

Jodie Marsh and her partner have coordinating hairstyles and clothes. Marsh hit the Chinawhite night club scene with her partner Nina. Marsh and Nina were kissing for the camera. Marsh wants to take a leaf out of the book by emulating the success of Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. To spice things up even further, Marsh announced on radio that she would be searching for suitable sperm donors. Marsh felt she was ready for motherhood and would like to maintain her lesbian relationship too.

Jodie Marsh, lesbian kiss

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  • It’s always good to see two hot girls making out..

  • I always knew she is a lesbian (;

  • jodie marsh is ugly so is her gf

  • Maya, just because you think she is ugly doesn’t mean she actually is. Same goes for her girlfriend. Or is it that you have a problem with them being lesbians? Is that why you think they’re ugly? I’m curious to know.