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JoJo Has Curves In The Right Places

Singer and actress Jojo made quite a splash at the pre-party for the 2008 Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles, California. The “Too Little, Too Late” singer and “RV” actress flaunted her curves which were all in the right places! Wearing a skin tight light grey number and pinkish peep toe shoes, Jojo was a sight to behold. Her boobs aren’t that “developed” yet but hey, give the girl a few years and she’ll be a heartbreaker! More photos of Jojo at the Teen Choice Awards 2008 after the jump. What do you think of this beauty?


sexy JoJo Too Little, Too Late Teen Choice Awards JoJo 5.jpg JoJo boobs JoJosmiling


  • Her boobs look plenty developed to me. JoJo’s got great legs too, She’s a very sexy girl. I’m about to blow a load in her honor…..wish I could do it all over that pretty face of hers!

  • i have to say britney was my no1 never thought anything hotter would come by. well here she is jojo blows them all out the water! so dam good looking well developed chest mind blowing ass and the sexiest well developed legs

  • jojo has the sexiest legs on the planet. total perfecttion

  • This is one UGLY chick! Those cheekbones are horrid and her jaw, wtf is wrong with it? It’s like her mouth is too small for all her teeth. How do people not see that and call her hot? she might have a nice body but total butterface.

  • This womans body is AWESOME! FACE TOO, Dank! I’d totally wreck her in bed!!! JoJo is totally Smokin’ Hott!!!

  • Steve: you’re sad.

    Dank: I’d like to see your face.

    Drquinn: Stop lying to yourself. The only thing you’re ‘wrecking’ is your grip on reality.

    Jojo looks beautyfull and confident in those pictures. And her boobs look just fine.

  • my perfect and ideal women, such a crush on jojo.

    I love women who have this type of body, hot damn

  • she is perfection, excellent body, the amount of times I have jerked off to her i cant count

  • I love curves, Id wreck her, hammer that 5 star body of hers


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