written by Serenity

JoJo Sexy In White

Katy Perry had a birthday party marking her 25th year on this earth and only the coolest were invited to this unique outlandish bash. JoJo was among the crowd all dressed in white. The crowd came in wearing white but when they left they were all covered in liquor, eatable paint, chocolate syrup, and who knows what else. Only those attending the party know exactly what went on. The only thing anyone knows for sure is that JoJo was hot in white and covered in paint.

JoJo sexy in white

JoJo sexy in white JoJo sexy in white JoJo sexy in white
JoJo sexy in white JoJo sexy in white JoJo sexy in white JoJo sexy in white JoJo sexy in white JoJo sexy in white


  • beautiful women with outstanding sexy legs

  • Seriously, who’d like to lick Jo Jo’s butthole? I know I sure would!

  • I love jojo.

  • I love jojo . I’m from Kurdistan

  • very very very ………………nice i love u jojo so much

  • she is perfect, ideal figure too, those legs are stunning, nice and thick

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