written by Wanda

Jordin Sparks Blows Us A Kiss

I have to hand it to Jordin Sparks. The lady really looks incredible. She’s lost some weight and looks happier and more confident than she has in a long time. At the same time, she didn’t go too far with the weight loss. She still looks like herself and, most importantly, she doesn’t look like she starved herself to shed those pounds. She still looks healthy and that’s a very good thing. I really like these photos. Jordin looks gorgeous in them and she looks like she’s having a good time on the red carpet. The photos aren’t so serious and I really find that appealing. Jordin is a beautiful, talented young lady and I hope the future holds nothing but the best for her. I’m really rooting for her to continue to do well.


  • I like jordin sparks, she is talented , she is a lovely looking young women and her body is great too, nice and curvy, love the tight outfit showing off her nice big ass and thick legs.

    Top Babe is jordin sparks

  • she is really hot, glad she is on here, she is so sexy looking and her body is dynamite, huge ass on her, very sexy curves, women like her are perfect