written by Wanda

Jordin Sparks Looks Fantastic!

I liked Jordin Sparks when she was a bigger girl but I can’t deny how great she looks now that she’s shed a little weight. She just seems so much more confident in her appearance and there’s nothing sexier than confidence. I honestly haven’t heard that much of Jordin’s music and I haven’t seen much of her film work but what I have seen/heard has always been good. “No Air” was one of my favorite songs for a few months after it came out. Here in the Bahamas, Jordin looks incredible as she relaxes poolside. I would love to really see this lady do well. I think she has the determination to do it and she definitely deserves it.


  • she is gorgeous, what i would give to have a go on her

  • Jordan looks amazing here and she has sparked my interested, lol. She was always pretty but since she lost some weight she looks great. She looks healthy right now and I have seen her never looking better.

  • she is fit indeed, tall women too close to 6 feet infact, great looker and nice body

  • Error. Article title should be “Jordin Sparks Looks Especially Fantastic!”, since she of course has always been fantastic.

  • id bang her so good, she is so fit

  • Jordan Sparks you are looking good. I think that you are a very pretty gal and since you decided to get into shape you have bettered your life so much. Best of luck to you in the future as well.

  • I have always thought Jordan was a pretty gal but since she started to lose some weight, she looks amazing. I read that she did not want to be unhealthy anymore and she could be a role model for all of us.

  • I never cared about her weight period, an attractive girl is attractive, everyone is beautiful to someone only a shallow person judges someone on their weight, I have dated bigger girls myself and there’s nothing wrong with it, nice that she lost some weight for her health but she was always gorgeous regardless and she is talented, she looksvery fit and gorgeous here,

    Regardless she is pretty anyway,

  • great body, she is nice looking, very talented too

  • she looks nice always, she is an attractive lady, she is curvy she was a little chubby before at best but I love that in a women, I do enjoy curvy women and I think she is gorgeous anyway

  • she is lush, really nice shape on her