written by Wanda

Joss Stone And Her Hot Bod Hit Hawaii

Things have been a little quiet for Joss Stone lately, haven’t they? I remember when this girl first hit the music scene with her horrible cover of an awesome song (Fell In Love With a Girl by The White Stipes) but then followed it up with a pretty awesome song of her own. Then I didn’t hear about her again. Looking at her now, though, all grown up and sexy in Hawaii, I am reminded of my first thought when I saw her back in the day – she’s hot. While her career may have seen better days, her body sure hasn’t. I still love her voice, don’t get me wrong. She’s a talented lady. It’s also nice to see she doesn’t flaunt that hot body of hers every chance she gets just to sell records like some of her more successful peers even though she clearly has the goods to compete. While she might not be topping the charts, I think she has the chance at a long lasting career in the music industry.

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  • What is Joss Stone doing these days? She seems to have fluttered into the limelight all those years ago and fluttered right back out. I guess she can afford to do that with the amount of money she’s probably earned.

    She has an amazing voice. I hope she’s working on an album.