written by Ann

Joss Stone Sings At Pride Month

Joss Stone performed in the gay “Pride Month” show. This was one of the annual celebrations to promote pride in LGBT identities. Joss was great in her mini dress that shimmered and shone with her movements. She showed her best moves.

The Annual Los Angeles Pride Parade fell on Sunday, June 8.The parade drew around 400,000 spectators. It rallied the people together as they came outdoors in a great show of support for the lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

Joss Stone

Pride Month Joss Stone perform on-stage Joss Stone 4.jpg Joss Stone 5.jpg Joss Stone 6.jpg Joss Stone 7.jpg Joss Stone 8.jpg Joss Stone 9.jpg Joss Stone 10.jpg Joss Stone 11.jpg Joss Stone 12.jpg

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