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Joss Stone’s Lesbian Kiss In Snappers

Joss Stone had a lesbian kissing scene in her new movie, Snappers. Her role was about a star who tried to escape from the paparazzi. One of her scenes involved a wedding dress. The producer closed the film set to the press. He did not want the plot to be leaked out. The scene was set in a church. The vicar of St Mary’s in Kingskerswell, said that the crew told him that they would shoot pictures. He was very surprised to learn later that it involved Joss Stone.

lesbian kiss

Snappers Joss Stone singing Snappers Joss Stone 4.jpg Joss Stone 5.jpg Joss Stone 6.jpg Joss Stone 7.jpg Joss Stone 8.jpg Joss Stone 9.jpg Joss Stone 10.jpg Joss Stone filming lesbian kiss Joss Stone making out with a girl Joss Stone kissing a girl


  • wow. i don’t want to miss this x)

  • Joss is great.. thanks for the kiss!!

  • good girls keep it up ^^

  • Joss Stone lesbian kissing is awesome. She really went for it.


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