written by Wanda

Julianne Hough And Ryan Seacrest On Their Beach Vacation

Recently, I wrote a post about Julianne Hough on the beach in her bikini. I chose not to mention Ryan Seacrest because, quite simply, there are people out there that refuse to accept Ryan and Julianne are together. Can’t do that this time because there Ryan is in all his sexy glory and I’m happy about that. Yes I am. I love everything about this couple. They look good together but more importantly, they clearly have a great time together. Here taking a spin on a jet ski in the Caribbean, I can’t help but notice how much of a blast it looks like they’re having. That’s always so nice to see. It doesn’t hurt that I find them both ridiculously attractive. Glad they still seem to be going so strong.



  • I don’t understand: what is it that some people have against the two being together? Is there a huge age gap or something? Or did he leave someone else for her (or vice versa)?

    They look like they’re having a really nice time, but Julianne looks like she’s having a SUPER time with all those high energy body poses she’s making!

  • I really have no idea why people have a problem with them being together. My guess is jealousy. I agree. They look like they’re having a great time together. They always do, actually. They’re definitely one of my favorite celebrity couples.

  • Ah, that age-old emotion called jealousy! I thought it may have been something else. I actually don’t see what there is to be jealous of. They both seem likable. But anyway, people are gonna feel the way they’re gonna feel. Good luck to them.

  • I cant believe she would be so gullable and let a guy take a picture of her jumping with legs spread knowing he is focused on one spot

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  • She looks great in these photos. My favorite one is the first one. Looks like she is having a ball here. She is a very pretty person and her hard working dancing has paid off for her body. She loots great.