written by Wanda

Julianne Hough Does Some Shopping

It’s confession time. Are you ready? I really “Burlesque”. It was a little weird. I hated the first bit of the movie, but once Christina Aguilera started singing “Tough Lover” the movie won me over. Julianna Hough was fantastic as Georgia and she looked great. She has a fantastic body and she definitely knows how to move it. I only really started watching “Dancing With the Stars” in season ten, so I didn’t really get to see Julianne compete on the show, but I’ve seen clips and she probably would’ve been one of my favorite pros on the show had I had the chance to watch her. Was it a mistake for her to leave the show to focus on her country music career? Well, that really remains to be seen. I hope not. I’d like to see her do well in whatever she chooses to pursue. She’s a lovely girl.

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