written by Wanda

Julianne Hough In A Sexy Bikini

Oh Julianne Hough – how I do love you so. These pictures of Julianne Hough in Miami display everything I love most about this woman. First, she’s absolutely gorgeous. While I was at first tempted to say she’s a bit on the skinny side, I really don’t think she’s too skinny. She’s athletic. She is in phenomenal shape and I can’t hate on her for that. Second, she’s just such a natural kind of girl. I don’t imagine that she spends a whole lot of time in front of the mirror making sure she looks perfect before she heads out for a day at the beach. Third, she doesn’t seem to pay much attention to the fact that cameras are snapping away at her every move. She just does her thing and I respect that. She doesn’t seem annoyed by the cameras but she doesn’t play up to them either. Beautiful girl. Love her big time.

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