written by Wanda

Julianne Hough Makes Me Smile

There has always been something about Julianne Hough that’s special to me. I’ve never been able to put my finger on what exactly that is but I hardly think it matters. There’s just something about her that makes me smile and I like smiling so I’m not going to worry too much about not knowing why exactly this lady makes me so happy. Instead, I’m just going to enjoy the fact that she does. These photos from West Hollywood show Julianne at her most adorable. I love the outfit. I love the hair. I love everything about these photos. I know a lot of people want to know the details behind her now ancient split with Ryan Seacrest but I didn’t care then and I don’t care now. They seemed happy together but they also seem happy apart. I’m thrilled they managed to go their separate ways without all of the typical Hollywood mudslinging. As far as breakups go, this one was class all the way. I applaud them both for that.

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