written by Ann

Julianne Hough’s Peek-a-boo!

Julianne Hough showed her patriotism even before the Fourth of July. She allowed the camera to play peek-a-boo at her figure beneath the flag. Fresh and young, Julianne would look beautiful wearing anything. Her country music CD achieved Number One status on the first week it was released. She expressed her thanks to her fans who had followed her when she did the crossover from dancing to music. She attributed her success to her fans. Let’s hope Julianne stays fresh and true to her music.

Julianne Hough

U.S. flag Julianne Hough 2.jpg beautiful Julianne Houg Fresh and young Julianne Hough 5.jpg Julianne Hough 6.jpg Julianne Hough 7.jpg Julianne Hough 8.jpg Julianne Hough 9.jpg Julianne Hough 10.jpg Julianne Hough 11.jpg Julianne Hough 12.jpg Julianne Hough 13.jpg Julianne Hough 14.jpg Julianne Hough 15.jpg Julianne Hough 16.jpg Julianne Hough 17.jpg Julianne Hough 18.jpg


  • I did the same shit with that pony yesterday! =)

  • Yeah, me too. That pony gets around.

  • What gives you the right to say that, Dep/MT3? How would you know how many people she’s been with? And if she has, and you’re claiming to be one of them, then what does that make you, huh? You two are juvenile and sad.

  • Nell i couldnt agree more. Its more like that they wish they could


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